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In-person worship will have all Covid protocols

in place.

Everyone is welcome!

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When something hits close to home, it affects us deeply. During the Advent and Christmas season, we journey through scriptures and rituals that are tender, heavy with emotion, and vulnerable. We carry the memories and truths of this season close to our hearts. Close to Home acknowledges the “already but not yet” tension of our faith: Emmanuel is with us, and yet, God’s promised day—our everlasting home—is not fully realized. It names our deep longing for God to come close to us.

This year, we will once again host small groups based on the “Close to Home'' devotional booklet.


November 28 – December 22 @

Christ Church United Methodist


  • Sundays, after worship - in person, in the Conference room.

  • Wednesdays, 9 am PST, Zoom


If you're interested in joining a group, please contact

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Come join us in worship! We gather on-line Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. (see link above)

Our worship is a time to be present to God, to celebrate the gift of community, and to grow in our spiritual lives. After the service, join our Time for Reflection group as they explore the deeper meanings of the worship message. 


Music invites us to move deeply into our worship life together! Our congregation loves to sing contemporary hymns. Our choir, led by Carol-Jean Boevers, inspires us with a variety of offerings. Musical instrumentalists, including our talented accompanist, Carl Sokol, join in to enhance the worship experience.

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Holy Communion is often celebrated on the first Sunday of each month. You do not need to be a member of Christ Church United Methodist or any church to receive the bread and cup.


All are welcome at God's table.


As United Methodists we practice both infant and adult baptism. Please click here for a United Methodist overview on baptism. If you are interested in baptism for yourself or a child, please contact the church office.