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A Message from Pastor Lindsey

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My hope is that you are as well as can be in this difficult time. Indeed, each day, it seems there is a new “unprecedented” occurrence. In the face of such uncertainty, I trust that our faith and our church community is a source of strength and stability. 

I hope you were able to participate in some part of last week’s Annual Conference Session. If you missed it, much of the session is available online, including the opportunity to
 give to our conference offering for Covid relief. I was honored to preach in the opening devotional service. But much more than my own words, I commend to you the Service of Ordination and Commissioning  particularly, Bishop Carcaño’s message (which begins at the 1:10:30 mark). It’s worth listening to all the way through; as are the devotional services focused on demilitarization (spoken from the Asian/Asian-American context) and Black Lives Matter

More than any other annual conference session in which I have participated, this year’s offered hope for our life together, while still be grounded in our present moment. Our conference leadership did not shy away from how racism is as much of an epidemic as COVID-19, and how all of the disasters that befall us in this moment are felt most acutely by those who are part of the African-American and indigenous communities. For this reason, it feels apropos to share with you that this coming week Christ Church United Methodist will be proudly sharing a “Black Lives Matter” sign on our building.

Some of you have been eager for us to share such a sign for a while. My reluctance to push this ahead has been that I feel we must do more work than simply sharing a sign. I was pleased and proud of our congregation when so many of answered the call to participate in anti-racism study and discipleship groups. Racism has been at the heart of many of our congregational discussions in these past months, such that I felt we can declare in good faith that “Black Lives Matter” to Christ Church United Methodist. Of course, there is still more work to do. A small team from CCUM will be reexamining the
Laity session from ACS, which focused on BLM, and talk about how our congregation can better respond to the movement. I invite you to watch the session, and share your ideas with me as well.

Some of you may have concerns or questions.

I want you to know that I’m here, and eager to talk with you.
Please send me an email or call me - we’re in this work together.

Grace, peace, and health,

Pastor Lindsey

Please remember that although our doors are temporarily closed, the work of Christ Church goes on as we continue to provide care for members of our community during this time. Like many organizations, we will be facing financial hardship from loss of rental income.


Honoring your pledge commitment is essential to our work. Please continue your support by mailing your check to CCUM, 1717 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa 95405 or dropping it thru the office mail slot. Or, if it's easier for you, make arrangements with your bank for automatic bill pay.

Questions? Email office@srchristchurch.org.


Your consistent support is much appreciated at Christ Church

and throughout our community. Thank you!


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Our worship is a time to be present to God, to celebrate the gift of community, and to grow in our spiritual lives. After the service, join our Time for Reflection group as they explore the deeper meanings of the worship message. 


Music invites us to move deeply into our worship life together! Our congregation loves to sing contemporary hymns. Our choir, led by Carol-Jean Boevers, inspires us with a variety of offerings. Musical instrumentalists, including our talented accompanist, Carl Sokol, join in to enhance the worship experience.


Holy Communion is often celebrated on the first Sunday of each month. You do not need to be a member of Christ Church United Methodist or any church to receive the bread and cup.


All are welcome at God's table.


As United Methodists we practice both infant and adult baptism. Please click here for a United Methodist overview on baptism. If you are interested in baptism for yourself or a child, please contact the church office.


Christ Church United Methodist strives to be the Body of Christ in the world by seeking, growing, and serving together.




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